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My name is Dela Hini and I am an EWB Junior Fellow, or JF for short! Since December 2016 myself and fellow JF’s have embarked on a journey with Engineers Without Borders (Canada) to become systems change leaders. I invite you on this journey with me as I navigate the JF journey and explore concepts of systemic change, development and leadership.

Numekaka Morzorla is the Ewe word for “explorer” and translates to “one who travels with purpose in search for knowledge”. Ewe is one of the many languages spoken in Western Africa, particularly southeastern Ghana and Togo. I chose this as the title of my blog because (1) I am Ewe by birth and (2) the journey of a JF is one of deep reflection and discovery for the sake of effective systemic change.

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Me: a third year electrical engineering student from the University of British Columbia; a 2017 EWB Junior Fellow, serving my placement in Accra, Ghana with Voto Mobile.

*Engineers Without Borders (Canada): non-profit organization that partners with social enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa, in order to invest in tomorrows leaders and alleviate global poverty. EWB also works to progress the engineering profession, by challenging and re-defining the expectations of the role of an engineer.

Junior Fellowship: a leadership oriented volunteer placement over the course of 18 months. The JF program engages university students who are hungry for systems change, and enables student to challenge the institutions that allow for poverty and lack of governance.

Voto Mobile: a telecommunications service that connects individuals in underserved areas via voice calls and SMS surveys and educational information resources.


*not just for engineers

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If you have any questions about EWB, the Junior Fellowship Program or anything you find on this site, feel free to contact me!